68. Summary: Research 2008

I traveled this summer to Asia including Korea, Taiwan, and Japan to meet "Comfort Women" survivors, and to interview a former Japanese Imperial Army soldier who served during W.W.II and witnessed the "Comfort Women" system first hand. I plan to continue research in Asia next year, to meet Chinese, Dutch, Filipino, and Indonesian survivors.

Subsequently, I will create artworks based on the research, and attempt to bring to light this instance of organized violence against women and to help restore the honor of those who lived through so much.

It has been a great honor to meet these courageous and outspoken "Comfort Women" in Korea and Taiwan, who are helping to keep this important history alive. I look forward to my continued research in Asia.

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Lorina said...

we need press photo from your " Comfort Women Wanted " show . can you please send it to us ASAP to ( NEWSDAY) for our upcoming NYC CTITIC's PICKS . can we use any of the photos from your website >?

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thank you !