56. Dawn Korean art center

Monday August 25, 2008

I was invited by Seongmin Ahn, artist, to an informal Korean tea at Dawn Korean art center. Hee Suk Jung is a Korean traditional dress (Hanbok) designer and can also perform the formal Korean Tea Ceremony. She also gives historical walking tours of the local neighborhood. Her studio was filled with Buddhist's chanting music and very peaceful, yet full of energy. I also met Dae Bong Sunim who is a Zen Buddhist Monk at Mu Sang Sa, Gye Ryong Sahn Int'l Zen Center.

Later, Hee Suk took me to some galleries in Seoul including Gana Gallery, Arario Gallery and Hyundai Gallery. She also introduced me to Joon Eui Noh, Director at Total Museum of Contemporary Art.

Hee Suk Jung and Seongmin Ahn

Hee Suk Jung performing an informal tea ceremony

With Joon Eui Noh and Hee Suk Jung at Total Museum of Contemporary Art.

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