66. Summary: Taiwan Research

I interviewed 6 Taiwanese "Comfort Women" with diverse backgrounds including Taiwanese, Hakanese, and Aboriginal Taiwanese through valuable help and support from Graceia Lai, Director of International Affairs, Shu-Hue Kang, Deputy Executive Director, and Huiling Wu, Associate Supervisor at The Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation(TWRF). There were by some estimates 2,000 Taiwanese "Comfort Women". 58 women came out in the 1990's. Now, 21 remain.

I stayed as a resident artist at The Bamboo Curtain Studio during my visit to Taipei, and got lots of support from Margaret Tan, the Director, and Ann Yao, the Programme Director who are particularly interested in art focusing on social and environmental concerns.

I met with Yaohua Su, Director of Taipei Artist Village; Rita Chang, Representative and Melissa Chan, Program Associate at The Asian Cultural Council in Taipei; and artists such as Lulu Shur-tzy Hou, Mali Wu, and Betsy Lan to talk about the art world in Taiwan.

Taiwan - from Google Maps

Interviewing two Hakanese "Comfort Women"

With Graceia Lai and Shu-Hue Kang at The Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation (TWRF)

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