9. Wednesday Demonstration

Wednesday July 16, 2008

"Wednesday Demonstration" with visiting "Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation"(TWRF) 

The "Wednesday Demonstration" in front of the Japanese Embassy. Every Wednesday people have gathered since 1992 to protest for justice for these women. Despite the rain many people showed up including 7 Korean "comfort women" *halmunis and 2 Taiwanese "comfort women" *ahmas. There are currently 99 Korean survivors yet living. Most in their 80s and 90s and in ill health. These 7 halmuni are the most healthy and active. It was a very lively atmosphere.

* "halmunis" in Korean, or "ahmas" in Taiwanese means "grandmas". (In Asia, elders are commonly referred to as grandmother or grandfather, whether you are related to them or not, as a way of showing respect.)

Korean halmunis and Taiwanese ahmas

Korean traditional drumming or "Changku"

Good-byes to the Taiwanese TWRF

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