3. First Day on the Project

Monday July 14, 2008

Meeting with Mee Hyang Yoon, Standing Representative of "The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Sexual Slavery by Japan" (Chung Dae Hyup). She and her staff gave me a tour of materials they have been gathering for the Comfort Museum (which will be built next year). I also had a chance to look at some photos and materials they collected for "War & Women's Rights Museum."

Arriving at the Korean Council Building in Seoul.

Meeting with Mee Hyang Yoon, Standing Representative, Joo-Hye Kang, General Secretary, and Hanna Song, Museum Curator for the "War & Women's Rights Museum".

"The Korean Council for the Women..." display area.

Close up showing Korean women loaded into a truck, Japanese Soldiers waiting in line at a "Comfort Station", and the monitary tolkens used.

With Mee Hyang Yoon

With Paul Clay, my partner, who is taking care of photo, video, and audio documentation.

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