11. Professor Keum Hye Park

Thursday July 17, 2008

Soon Hee Lee who is an Ewha Women's University graduate and a community activist in Atlanta, Georgia, working on "Korean Teens and Drugs in the U.S." (and is also my mom) introduced me to Professor Keum Hye Park. 

Professor Keum Hye Park teaches Sociology at Ewha Women's University. We met near the Seoul Art Center, and had a lengthy four and a half hour meeting, discussing the complicated social and political environment surrounding the "Comfort Women" issue. 

We discussed appropriate sites to visit and people to interview. She helped arrange several meetings for me including one this Sunday at Nanumeh-Jip ("The House of Sharing"), an hour outside of Seoul, where several Korean "comfort women" grandmas are staying. She also arranged for me to meet next Tuesday with Hyo Chae Lee, who is an 85 year old activist and one of the founders of the "The Korean Council for the Women..."

With Soon Hee Lee and Professor Keum Hye Park

With Professor Park

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