27. Yin-Chiao Su ahma

Sunday August 3, 2008

Graceia took me to Yin-Chiao Su *ahma in Shinpu, outside of Taipei. Both Yin-Chiao Su ahma and her sister were taken as "comfort women". They were Hakanese. Her sister passed away and she currently lives with her son. 

During the interview another Hakanese comfort woman, Man-Mei Lu ahma came by.

About Yin-chiao Su Ahma:
The eldest daughter in her family, Yin-chiao Ahma picked up any chore to help the expenses. Her sister told her that cafeterias on Hainan Island were recruiting waitresses. Both sisters went to Hainan Island. Only when they arrived in that barren island didi they find out they were to be sexual slaves for the Japanese soldiers. Because of her homely appearance, soldiers didn’t like her, so she was detested by the managers of the comfort station.

The women in charge were ruthless and threatened them not to escape, or they would be captured and shot by anti-Japanese Communists. Girls were all afraid. Besides, there was no place to hide. They could only live at the mercy of soldiers. Yin-chiao’s working hours went from six in the morning to six in the evening. Officers had the privilege of spending the night. They must attend to every need of these officers with long swords and guns. When soldiers were in a bad mood or were drunk, they cursed her for no reason. To survive, Yin-chiao suffered in silence.

From “Compassion Without Borders” by The Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation.

* "halmunis" in Korean, or "ahmas" in Taiwanese means "grandmas". (In Asia, elders are commonly referred to as grandmother or grandfather, whether you are related to them or not, as a way of showing respect.)

Entering Yin-Chyao Su ahma's home with Graceia

Graceia translating

Yin-Chiao Su ahma and Man-Mei Lu ahma

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